• Recommended by agents and managers for over 10 years, Richard Blinkoff can be counted on to deliver compelling, charismatic shots that get you in the door. In addition to headshots for actors, models, dancers and other entertainers, Richard also creates portraits for business executives, private individuals and families or other groups. Over 60% of his work comes from recommendations by satisfied clients, and he has developed a reputation for helping actors get great headshots after they have wasted time and money on lower quality photographers.
  • Richard shoots from a beautiful daylight studio on West 36th St. in Manhattan. All the work is digital and in addition to the shooting, Blinkoff does all the editing, proofing, retouching and printing of Master prints in his studio so that no other labs are involved and there are no extra costs.
  • “I am obsessed with giving my clients the very best final results. Pre-shoot consultations are extensive, and clothing is carefully edited and tried out for maximum impact. My make-up and hair stylists are drawn from the best I’ve encountered in years of shooting major fashion and cosmetic accounts; they stay for the entire session and adjust both the hair and make-up throughout. Mine is not a studio where you are handed a CD of unedited, unadjusted, unretouched photos as you leave and from then on lots of luck. I shoot around 600 shots in 4-5 different situations (clothing, lighting, backgrounds), edit that down by 50%, post the results on my website in about 4-6 hours, burn a lo res CD and print hard copy proof sheets for you to carry with you. Full retouching is included on your three final choices, but if you want the entire edited shoot unretouched, I will provide that on DVD. I set all type and graphics for repros, postcards and composite cards at no extra charge, and I will even supervise all repro printing for you.
  • I truly love the work I do. I’ve been shooting photographs for a long time, but I still am excited each time I do it. Most persons are truly excited with their results, as you can see by reading the “Testimonials” on this site. If you are not fully satisfied with my work, I will either redo the work or refund your money.
  • Thanks for your interest. Please enjoy the pictures and call me if you have any questions."

(By the way – I also photograph a great many opera singers and classical musicians. You can see that work by going to www.rblinkoff.com)

  • Richard Blinkoff
  • 212-620-7883